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  • Grover Washington, Jr - Audiophile Collection [FLAC] [DR14] vtwin88cube
  • icon 00.-Grover Washington, Jr. - Audiophile Collection.m3u 763 B
    icon 09.-Don't Explain.flac 59.5 MB
    icon 11.-Easy Living-Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do.flac 53.7 MB
    icon Grover Washington Jr..png 525.2 KB
    icon 06.-Winelight.flac 45.7 MB
    icon 03.-A Secret Place.flac 43.7 MB
    icon 25.-Just The Two Of Us.flac 43.4 MB
    icon 04.-Dolphin Dance.flac 40.9 MB
    icon 17.-Brazilian Memories.flac 38.8 MB
    icon 23.-Be Mine (Tonight).flac 35 MB
    icon 27.-Let It Flow (For Dr.J).flac 34.6 MB
    icon 18.-Little Black Samba.flac 34.6 MB
    icon 26.-Next Exit.flac 34.3 MB
    icon 01.-Can You Dig It.flac 33.7 MB
    icon 20.-Jet Stream.flac 33.4 MB
    icon 02.-The Best Is Yet To Come.flac 32.6 MB
    icon 07.-Caught A Touch Of Your Love.flac 32.1 MB
    icon 13.-Take Five (Take Another Five).flac 31.5 MB
    icon 16.-Mixty Motions.flac 31.3 MB
    icon 15.-Jammin'.flac 28.9 MB
    icon 10.-In The Name Of Love.flac 28.3 MB
    icon 22.-I'll Be With You.flac 27 MB
    icon 08.-More Than Meets The Eye.flac 26.2 MB
    icon 24.-The Look Of Love.flac 26 MB
    icon 14.-Things Are Getting Better.flac 25.8 MB
    icon 12.-Strawberry Moon.flac 25.2 MB
    icon 19.-East River Drive.flac 24.8 MB
    icon 21.-Cassies Theme.flac 22.4 MB
    icon DR14.txt 2.4 KB
    icon 05.-Aubrey.flac 19 MB
    icon auCDtect.txt 10.5 KB