The last of us s01e03 1080p web h264-cakes[eztv] 4.8 GB01/30/2328262968
 The Last of Us S01E01 1080p HEVC x265-MeGusta[eztv] 941 MB01/16/2320662529
 The Last of Us S01E02 1080p HMAX WEB-DL DDP5.1 x264-NTb[TGx] 3.3 GB01/23/231972341
 The Last of Us S01E02 1080p HEVC x265-MeGusta[eztv] 736 MB01/23/2319122264
 The Last of Us S01E03 720p WEBRip x265-MiNX[TGx] 439 MB01/30/231695588
 House Of The Dragon S01E10 1080p WEBRip x264-NOGRP[TGx] 1.6 GB10/21/221685108
 The Last of Us S01E03 720p HEVC x265-MeGusta[eztv] 792 MB01/30/2315451858
 Wednesday S01 COMPLETE 720p NF WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 2.5 GB11/23/221359486
 The Last of Us S01E01 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 536 MB01/16/231312315
 House of the Dragon S01E01 The Heirs of the Dragon 1080p WEB-DL DD 5.1 H.264-MiU[TGx] 2.3 GB08/21/221269135
 The Last of Us S01E03 1080p HMAX WEB-DL DDP5.1 x264-NTb 4.8 GB01/30/231212153
 The Last of Us S01E01 1080p WEB H264-CAKES[TGx] 5.1 GB01/16/231177182
 Rick and morty s06e10 1080p web h264-ggwp[eztv] 1.3 GB12/12/221159186
 Rick and morty s06e09 1080p web h264-ggwp[eztv] 1.3 GB12/05/221028152
 The Last of Us S01E02 720p WEB x265-MiNX[TGx] 328 MB01/23/23977682
 House of the Dragon S01E08 1080p HMAX WEB-DL DDP5.1 Atmos x264-CMRG[TGx] 4.3 GB10/10/2296880
 Kaleidoscope S01 COMPLETE 720p NF WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 2.1 GB01/01/23945378
 Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan S03 COMPLETE REPACK 720p AMZN WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 1.9 GB12/21/22916350
 The Ark S01E01 HDTV x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 328 MBToday888250
 House of the dragon s01e09 1080p web h264-cakes[eztv] 3.6 GB10/17/2288676
 The White Lotus S02 COMPLETE 720p AMZN WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 3.2 GB12/12/22844781
 The Last of Us S01E03 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 582 MB01/30/23843147
 House of the dragon s01e02 1080p web h264-cakes[eztv] 3.4 GB08/30/2282779
 House of the dragon s01e03 1080p web h264-cakes[eztv] 4 GB09/05/2280673
 The White Lotus S01 COMPLETE 720p AMZN WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 2.6 GB08/16/21802532
 Rick and morty s06e08 1080p web h264-glhf[eztv] 1.3 GB11/28/2275784
 The Last of Us S01E01 When Youre Lost in the Darkness 1080p AMZN WEBRip DDP5.1 x264-NTb[TGx] 5.4 GB01/16/2375659
 Severance Season 1 Mp4 1080p 9.8 GB04/08/22753755
 The Witcher Blood Origin S01 COMPLETE 720p NF WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 1.2 GB12/25/22752106
 Lockwood and Co S01 COMPLETE 720p NF WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 1.5 GB01/27/23736235
 The Last of Us S01E01 720p WEB x265-MiNX[TGx] 380 MB01/16/23723668
 The Last of Us S01E03 Long Long Time 1080p HMAX WEBRip 10bit DDP5.1 H 265-HODL 990 MB01/30/23722842
 Wednesday S01 COMPLETE 1080p NF WEB H264-MIXED[TGx] 17.5 GB11/23/22705481
 The Last Enemy S01 COMPLETE 720p WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 2.3 GBYesterday703332
 Rick and Morty S06E07 1080p WEB H264-GLHF[TGx] 1.3 GB11/21/22650173
 The Rookie S05E14 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 282 MBYesterday647239
 1923 S01E01 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 390 MB12/18/2264778
 The Last of Us S01E02 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 426 MB01/23/23646133
 Yellowstone Season 1 Mp4 1080p 11.6 GB08/24/18636438
 The Last of Us S01E01 1080p 10bit WEBRip 6CH x265 HEVC-PSA 1 GB01/17/23620168
 The White Lotus Season 2 Mp4 1080p 12.7 GB12/12/226191154
 The Bear S01 COMPLETE 1080p HULU WEB H264-CAKES[TGx] 9.7 GB06/23/22618859
 Poker Face 2023 S01E01 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 465 MB01/26/23617156
 Rick and morty s06e06 1080p web h264-glhf[eztv] 1.3 GB10/10/22612117
 The Recruit 2022 S01 COMPLETE 720p NF WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 2.4 GB12/16/22600140
 Tulsa King S01E08 WEBRip x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 158 MB01/01/23597111
 Wolf Pack S01E02 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 292 MBToday590165
 1923 S01E03 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 455 MB01/01/2358374
 Rick and Morty S06E01 1080p WEBRip x264-BAE[eztv] 679 MB09/05/22572157
 The Last of Us S01E02 1080p 10bit WEBRip 6CH x265 HEVC-PSA 735 MB01/23/23568164
 Poker Face 2023 S01E03 720p WEB x265-MiNX[TGx] 381 MB01/26/23560157
 Poker Face 2023 S01E02 720p WEB x265-MiNX[TGx] 383 MB01/26/23547182
 1923 S01E02 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 286 MB12/25/2254273
 Mayfair Witches S01E05 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 264 MBToday513175
 The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power S01E01 720p WEB x265-MiNX[TGx] 467 MB09/02/2250664
 Black Snow S01 COMPLETE 720p STAN WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 2 GB01/01/23500171
 Yellowstone Season 4 Mp4 1080p 14 GB01/05/22495291
 Vampiry srednej polosy S02 2022 WEBRip 1080p 23.3 GB01/31/23493787
 Tulsa King S01E07 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 176 MB12/25/22493109
 His Dark Materials S03 COMPLETE 720p iP WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 2.6 GB12/19/22493230
 Yellowstone Season 2 Mp4 1080p 11.6 GB06/24/20477298
 The Peripheral S01 COMPLETE 720p AMZN WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 2.9 GB12/02/22474204
 Star Wars Andor Season 1 Mp4 1080p 12.4 GB11/23/22473346
 Tulsa King S01E03 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 193 MB11/27/2247181
 House of the Dragon S01E08 720p HEVC x265-MeGusta[eztv] 519 MB10/10/2246737
 Poker Face 2023 S01E04 720p WEB x265-MiNX[TGx] 348 MB01/26/23459139
 House Of The Dragon Season 1 Mp4 1080p 16.1 GB10/24/22459182
 The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power S01E02 720p WEB x265-MiNX[TGx] 448 MB09/02/2245357
 House of the Dragon S01E02 The Rogue Prince 1080p WebRip AAC2.0 H.264-themoviesboss 1 GB08/28/2244813
 Severance S01 COMPLETE 720p ATVP WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 1.6 GB04/09/22448252
 Tulsa King S01 COMPLETE 720p AMZN WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 1.5 GB01/09/23447358
 Tulsa King S01E06 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 164 MB12/18/2244368
 Andor S01E12 Rix Road 1080p DSNP WEBRip DDP5.1 H.264-NTb[TGx] 2.6 GB11/23/2244136
 The Ark S01E01 720p HDTV x265-MiNX[TGx] 247 MBToday436107
 Yellowstone Season 3 Mp4 1080p 10.8 GB08/24/20435261
 House of the Dragon S01E09 1080p HEVC x265-MeGusta[eztv] 542 MB10/17/2242810
 Wednesday 2022 S01 WEB-DLRip HDRezka Studio 5.7 GB11/29/2242277
 India The Modi Question S01 COMPLETE 720p iP WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 1 GB01/25/2342158
 Will Trent S01E05 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 238 MBYesterday42068
 Vikings Valhalla S02 COMPLETE 720p NF WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 3 GB01/12/23420189
 The Last of Us S01E03 1080p x265-ELiTE 1.1 GB01/30/23419566
 Yellowstone 2018 S05E07 WEBRip x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 377 MB12/19/2241278
 National Treasure Edge of History S01E09 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 297 MBYesterday411109
 WWE Royal Rumble 2023 WEB h264-HEEL 3.2 GB01/29/2341086
 The last of us s01e02 1080p web h264-cakes[eztv] 3.3 GB01/23/23405280
 Rick and morty s06e07 1080p web h264-glhf[eztv] 1.3 GB11/21/2239922
 Wolf Pack S01E01 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 353 MB01/26/2339346
 Andor S01E11 1080p WEB H264-GGEZ[TGx] 1.9 GB11/16/2239224
 Yellowstone 2018 s05e05 1080p web h264-ggwp[eztv] 3.2 GB12/05/2239079
 House of the Dragon S01E03 720p WEB x265-MiNX[TGx] 333 MB09/05/2238642
 Yellowstone 2018 S05E04 WEBRip x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 359 MB11/28/2238054
 Tulsa king s01e05 1080p web h264-ggwp[eztv] 1.7 GB12/11/22379156
 Tulsa King S01E02 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 170 MB11/20/2236974
 Wednesday (2022) Season 1 S01 (1080p NF WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit EAC3 Atmos 5 1 Ghost) 13.7 GB11/29/2236786
 Mayor of Kingstown S01 COMPLETE 720p AMZN WEBRip x264-GalaxyTV[TGx] 3.3 GB01/10/22367217
 Star Wars The Bad Batch S02E06 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 140 MBYesterday36264
 Andor S01E10 One Way Out 1080p DSNP WEBRip DDP5.1 H.264-NTb[TGx] 1.9 GB11/09/2236117
 The Last of Us S01E03 Long Long Time 1080p AMZN WEBRip DDP5.1 x264-NTb[TGx] 5.3 GB01/30/2335855
 Yellowstone 2018 S05E02 1080p HEVC x265-MeGusta[eztv] 731 MB11/14/2235291
 Yellowstone 2018 S05E03 WEB x264-TORRENTGALAXY[TGx] 301 MB11/21/2235144
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