The Closer

Original Name: The Closer 2005 S01 - S02 1080p Web x265 10 DD+2 0 qebe

The Closer 2005 S01 - S02 1080p Web x265 10 DD+2 0 qebe
The Closer
11/06/20 at 12:23am GMT+1
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Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, formerly Atlanta police officer and CIA-trained interrogator, is given the opportunity to run her own division of elite officers of the Los Angeles Police Department. Her unusual procedure for obtaining confessions, blatant disregard for politics, and country accent make her a marked woman. However, with all the bluster and bravado, she still maintains her title, The Closer.
TV Show Genre:
Crime, Drama, Mystery
46 min.
Parental Rating:
[14+] TV-14 - Parents Strongly Cautioned
This program contains some material that parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. Parents are strongly urged to exercise greater care in montiroing this program and are cautioned against letting children under the age of 14 watch unattended.
Won 1 Golden Globe. Another 10 wins & 72 nominations.
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  • The Closer 2005 S01 - S02 1080p Web x265 10 DD+2 0 qebe
  • icon S01/101 The Closer.mkv 1.5 GB
    icon S01/113 Standards and Practices.mkv 1.4 GB
    icon S02/201 Blue Blood.mkv 1.4 GB
    icon S02/212 No good Deed.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/214 Serving the King.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/203 Slippin.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/204 Aftertaste.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/205 To Protect and To Serve.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/206 Out of Focus.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/213 Overkill.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/208 Critical Missing.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/209 Heroic Measures.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/211 Borderline.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/207 Head over Heels.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/202 Mom Duty.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S01/112 Fatal Retraction.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S01/102 About Face.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S01/103 The big Picture.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S01/106 Fantasy Date.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S02/215 Serving the King.mkv 1.3 GB
    icon S01/108 Batter Up.mkv 1.2 GB
    icon S01/107 You are Here.mkv 1.2 GB
    icon S01/109 Good Housekeeping.mkv 1.2 GB
    icon S02/210 The other Woman.mkv 1.2 GB
    icon S01/105 Flashpoint.mkv 1.2 GB
    icon S01/104 Show Yourself.mkv 1.2 GB
    icon S01/110 The butler did It.mkv 1.2 GB
    icon S01/111 LA Woman.mkv 1.2 GB

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