1980 Document and Eyewitness [1991 RE]

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  • 1980 Document and Eyewitness [1991 RE]
  • icon (10) [Wire] 12XU (Fragment) (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 8.6 MB
    icon (03) [Wire] Relationship (Notre Dame Hall Live).flac 7.6 MB
    icon (20) [Wire] And Then... Coda (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 45.1 MB
    icon (12) [Wire] Everythings Going To Be Nice (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 4.9 MB
    icon (13) [Wire] Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars) (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 36 MB
    icon (09) [Wire] 5-10 (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 29.7 MB
    icon (15) [Wire] Zegk HOQP (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 25.7 MB
    icon (02) [Wire] Ally In Exile (Notre Dame Hall Live).flac 23.7 MB
    icon (22) [Wire] Midnight Bahnhof Cafe (Magritte Studio).flac 23.5 MB
    icon (01) [Wire] Go Ahead (Notre Dame Hall Live).flac 20.1 MB
    icon (21) [Wire] Our Swimmer (Magritte Studio).flac 19.3 MB
    icon (14) [Wire] We Meet Under Tables (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 18.2 MB
    icon (18) [Wire] Eels Sang Lino (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 17.7 MB
    icon (16) [Wire] Eastern Standard (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 16.5 MB
    icon (11) [Wire] Underwater Experiences (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 16 MB
    icon (07) [Wire] Our Swimmer (Notre Dame Hall Live).flac 15.5 MB
    icon (19) [Wire] Revealing Trade Secrets (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 15 MB
    icon Document and Eyewitness.jpg 148.2 KB
    icon (05) [Wire] Witness To The Fact (Notre Dame Hall Live).flac 14.8 MB
    icon (04) [Wire] Underwater Experiences (Notre Dame Hall Live).flac 12.5 MB
    icon (08) [Wire] Heartbeat (Montreux Live).flac 11.6 MB
    icon (17) [Wire] Instrumental (Thrown Bottle) (Electric Ballroom Live).flac 11.2 MB
    icon (06) [Wire] 2 People In A Room (Notre Dame Hall Live).flac 10.3 MB