Wman Lord Torrent Results

 Wman Lord - Full Version 557.698 MBToday7731294
 Wman Lord - WEBRip 526.4 MBToday629851
 Complete Movie WMAN LORD 1228.4 MBToday808104
 Wman Lord - Latest Movie 830.1 MBToday713624
 Oppenheimer (2023) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 4.7 GB11/14/23295295
 Black Panther Wakanda Forever (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 6.7 GB02/01/2311836
 Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 4.5 GB08/29/235919
 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (2023) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5 GB07/29/23593
 Dune Part Two (2024) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 3.2 GB04/16/245439
 The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 14.7 GB12/01/205330
 Avatar The Way of Water (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 12.5 GB03/30/23439
 The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King (2003) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 17.7 GB12/03/203613
 The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers (2002) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 15.1 GB12/01/20367
 Top Gun Maverick (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 5.4 GB08/24/22334
 Transformers Rise of the Beasts (2023) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 4.6 GB07/12/23279
 Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania (2023) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 5.2 GB04/18/23231
 John Wick Chapter 4 (2023) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 7.1 GB05/23/23224
 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.6 GB12/10/21163
 Madame Web (2024)) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.5 GB04/25/241212
 The Batman (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 7.5 GB05/18/22105
 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 5.3 GB06/22/2270
 The Super Mario Bros Movie (2023) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 4.3 GB05/16/23615
 Back to the Future (1985) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 10.5 GB10/12/2063
 Rebel Without A Cause (1955) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 4.6 GB04/13/2342
 Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 6.2 GB03/13/2241
 Maze Runner The Death Cure 2018 2160p UHD HDR BluRay (x265 10bit DD 5.1) [WMAN-LorD] 5.8 GB04/29/1842
 Back to the Future Part II (1989) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 11.1 GB10/13/2032
 Iron Man 3 (2013) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 6.6 GB05/19/2030
 The Mask of Zorro (1998) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 8.7 GB05/16/2030
 Prey for the Devil (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.8 GB01/05/2320
 Total Recall (1990) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 6.5 GB11/19/2022
 Back to the Future Part III (1990) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 11.8 GB10/13/2022
 London Has Fallen (2016) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.9 GB09/25/2022
 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5 GB08/14/2021
 War of the Worlds (2005) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 9.7 GB05/20/2022
 The Avengers (2012) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.8 GB05/17/2021
 Ready Player One 2018 2160p UHD HDR BluRay (x265 10bit DD 5.1) [WMAN-LorD] 6.1 GB07/07/1820
 The New Mutants (2020) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.8 GB11/11/2011
 Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 9.7 GB05/26/2011
 Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 4.4 GB05/10/2011
 Frozen II 2019 2160p UHD HDR BluRay x265 10bit DD 5.1 [WMAN-LorD] 4.1 GB02/19/2010
 Captain America The First Avenger 2011 2160p UHD HDR BluRay (x265 10bit DD 5.1) [WMAN-LorD] 5.3 GB02/27/1910
 Gladiator 2000 2160p UHD HDR BluRay (x265 10bit DD 5.1) [WMAN-LorD] 7.2 GB05/06/1811
 Barbie (2023) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.1 GB10/16/2302
 The Flash (2023) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 5.4 GB07/18/2301
 Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5 GB07/13/2302
 Flashdance (1983) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 4.1 GB04/13/2303
 Death Wish (1974) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 4.1 GB01/24/2301
 Pulp Fiction (1994) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 6.6 GB11/11/2201
 Bullet Train (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.4 GB10/15/2201
 The Gray Man (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 5.3 GB10/04/2201
 Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 5.9 GB05/30/2201
 Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 6.9 GB05/18/2202
 Uncharted (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.5 GB05/07/2201
 The Batman (2022) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 7.5 GB04/19/2202
 Coming 2 America (2021) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 4.7 GB03/05/2102
 Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020) [2160p] [SDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.8 GB02/04/2102
 An American Werewolf in London (1981) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.9 GB11/19/2001
 Resident Evil Extinction (2007) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.8 GB11/17/2001
 Resident Evil Apocalypse (2004) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 4 GB11/15/2003
 Resident Evil (2002) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.3 GB11/14/2001
 Hacksaw Ridge (2016) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.4 GB11/06/2002
 Hacksaw Ridge (2016) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.3 GB11/05/2001
 V for Vendetta (2005) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.8 GB11/01/2001
 300 (2006) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 7.2 GB10/04/2001
 Olympus Has Fallen (2013) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 4.7 GB09/29/2002
 The Goonies (1985) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5 GB09/10/2001
 Mulan (2020) [2160p] [HDR] (WEB-DL) [WMAN-LorD] 4.9 GB09/07/2001
 Beetlejuice(1988) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.9 GB09/01/2001
 Sherlock Holmes (2009) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 6.4 GB08/30/2002
 Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows (2011) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 7.2 GB08/29/2006
 Thor Ragnarok (2017) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.3 GB08/28/2001
 Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald (2018) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.1 GB08/14/2002
 Spartacus (1960) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 10.3 GB07/21/2001
 D-Day Normandy 1944 (2014) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 1.7 GB07/17/2001
 Trolls World Tour (2020) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.4 GB06/28/20014
 Brahms The Boy II (2020) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 3.4 GB06/25/2002
 Jerry Maguire (1996) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 10.8 GB06/23/2001
 A League of Their Own (1992) [2160p] [HDR] (bluray) [WMAN-LorD] 5.9 GB06/23/2003