Magicstar Torrent Results

 Magicstar - Full Version 840.829 MBToday5621317
 Magicstar - WEBRip 549.7 MBToday703156
 Complete Anime MAGICSTAR 525.2 MBToday7371846
 Magicstar - Latest Anime 643.9 MBToday7991305
 [MagicStar] Kamen Rider Black Sun [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] [ENG_CHT_SUB] 20.1 GB10/27/22758
 [MagicStar] YuYu Hakusho [WEBDL] [1080p] [Netflix] [JPN_ENG_CHS_SUB] 10.6 GB12/14/23657
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP06 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.2 GB08/20/23503
 [MagicStar] Brush Up Life EP07 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB] 1.2 GB02/19/23431
 [MagicStar] Karaoke Iko! 2024 [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] [JPN_SUB] 7.7 GB04/15/244027
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP05 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.5 GB08/13/23403
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP07 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.2 GB08/28/23391
 [MagicStar] GTO REVIVAL 2024 [WEBDL] [1080p] [FOD] [JPN_SUB] 3.7 GB04/01/24363
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP09 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.7 GB09/11/23364
 [MagicStar] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san EP05 [WEBDL] [1080p] [Netflix] [JPN_ENG_CHT_SUB] [V0]974 MB04/15/24358
 [MagicStar] Brush Up Life EP03 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB]1.1 GB01/24/23350
 [MagicStar] Brush Up Life EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB] 966 MB01/10/23351
 [MagicStar] Sekai no Owari Kara 2023 [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] [JPN_SUB] 9.2 GB04/15/243431
 [MagicStar] Brush Up Life EP05 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB]1.2 GB02/05/23342
 [MagicStar] Brush Up Life EP04 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB]1.3 GB02/01/23340
 [MagicStar] Eerie Mienai Kao [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] [JPN_SUB] 20.7 GB04/15/243344
 [MagicStar] Brush Up Life EP02 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB]1.3 GB01/24/23331
 [MagicStar] Unmet Aru Nou Gekai no Nikki EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [FOD] [JPN_SUB] 2.4 GB04/15/24315
 [MagicStar] Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] 537 MB03/05/23311
 [MagicStar] Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai 2024 EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB]1.8 GB04/13/24302
 [MagicStar] Brush Up Life EP06 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB]991 MB02/16/23301
 [MagicStar] Kodoku no Gurume Season10 [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] 23.2 GB01/01/23307
 [MagicStar] Double Fantasy [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] [JPN_SUB] 14.3 GB04/15/242935
 [MagicStar] Kodoku no Gurume 2023 Oomisoka Special - Inogashira Gorou, Minami e Touhiko ... 2.2 GB01/01/24291
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP02 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]1.8 GB07/23/23292
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]2.3 GB07/16/23296
 [MagicStar] 366 Days EP02 [WEBDL] [1080p] [FOD] [JPN_SUB]1.1 GB04/15/24288
 [MagicStar] 6-byoukan no Kiseki ~Hanabishi Mochizuki Seitarou no Yuuutsu~ Season2 EP01 ... 1.4 GB04/15/24288
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP03 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.5 GB07/30/23281
 [MagicStar] Brush Up Life EP10 END [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB]1.3 GB03/14/23280
 [MagicStar] Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger EP02 [WEBDL] [1080p] 537 MB03/12/23280
 [MagicStar] Koibito no Mitsukekata 2023 [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] 4.4 GB04/15/242711
 [MagicStar] Anata no Koibito, Goudatsu Shimasu EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [ABEMA-TV] [JPN_SUB]715 MB04/15/24274
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP10 END [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]1.7 GB09/17/23270
 [MagicStar] Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.2 GB01/26/24260
 [MagicStar] Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! EP06 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]938 MB03/02/24256
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP08 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1022 MB09/03/23251
 [MagicStar] Shin Kamen Rider 2023 [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] [JPN_ENG_CHT_SUB]6.5 GB07/20/23251
 [MagicStar] 95 EP02 [WEBDL] [1080p] [U-NEXT] [JPN_SUB]1.1 GB04/15/24246
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP05 [WEBDL] [1080p] [U-NEXT] [JPN_SUB] 1.8 GB08/20/23242
 [MagicStar] Pending Train - 8:23, Asu Kimi to EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.5 GB04/23/23240
 [MagicStar] Ai ni Inazuma 2023 [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] 7.4 GB04/15/242322
 [MagicStar] Destiny EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [Netflix] [JPN_ENG_CHT_SUB] [V0] 2.4 GB04/09/24232
 [MagicStar] Kenshirou ni Yoroshiku EP01-EP02 [WEBDL] [1080p] [DMM-TV]969 MB09/22/23232
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP04 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.2 GB08/06/23233
 [MagicStar] Kamen Rider Geats Extra - Kamen Rider Punk Jack [WEBDL] [1080p] 1.4 GB05/21/23230
 [MagicStar] Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger EP05 [WEBDL] [1080p]678 MB04/02/23230
 [MagicStar] Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! EP10 END [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]1.2 GB03/30/24222
 [MagicStar] Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! EP09 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]939 MB03/26/24221
 [MagicStar] ANTI HERO EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [U-NEXT] [JPN_SUB]2.1 GB04/15/24214
 [MagicStar] Boku no Itoshii Youkai Girlfriend 2023 [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] [JPN_ENG_CHS_ ... 18.5 GB03/22/24215
 [MagicStar] Jukkakukan no Satsujin 2023 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB] 4.5 GB03/22/24211
 [MagicStar] Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! EP05 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]927 MB02/26/24211
 [MagicStar] Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! EP04 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]932 MB02/17/24212
 [MagicStar] Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! EP02 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]936 MB02/03/24210
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP08 [WEBDL] [1080p] [U-NEXT] [JPN_SUB]1.4 GB09/10/23211
 [MagicStar] LASTMAN - Zenmou no Sousakan - EP07 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]1.3 GB06/07/23211
 [MagicStar] Voltes V Legacy - Episode 5 Camp Big Falcon's greatest weapon [WEBDL] [1080p]1.2 GB05/12/23215
 [MagicStar] Sanctuary -Seiiki- [WEBDL] [1080p] [Netflix] [JPN_ENG_CHS_CHT_SUB] 20.9 GB05/12/23213
 [MagicStar] Yips EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [FOD] [JPN_SUB]2.4 GB04/13/24206
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP07 [WEBDL] [1080p] [U-NEXT] [JPN_SUB]1.4 GB09/03/23202
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP04 [WEBDL] [1080p] [U-NEXT] [JPN_SUB]1.3 GB08/11/23201
 [MagicStar] LASTMAN - Zenmou no Sousakan - EP09 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.6 GB06/19/23200
 [MagicStar] Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger EP07 [WEBDL] [1080p]738 MB04/16/23200
 [MagicStar] Wana no Sensou EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [Netflix] [JPN_SUB] 2.3 GB01/24/23201
 [MagicStar] ACMA:GAME EP02 [WEBDL] [1080p] [AMZN] [JPN_SUB]2.1 GB04/15/24196
 [MagicStar] ANTI HERO EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB] 1.4 GB04/14/24198
 [MagicStar] VIVANT EP06 [WEBDL] [1080p] [U-NEXT] [JPN_SUB] 1.4 GB08/25/23191
 [MagicStar] Kamen Rider Geats Extra - Kamen Rider Tycoon meets Kamen Rider Shinobi [WEB ... 1.5 GB06/18/23190
 [MagicStar] Fixer Season1 EP03 [HDTV] [1080p] [WOWOW] [JPN_SUB] 1.2 GB05/10/23190
 [MagicStar] Yakusoku ~ 16-nenme no Shinjitsu ~ EP01 [WEBDL] [1080p] [HULU] [JPN_SUB]1.9 GB04/13/24184
 [MagicStar] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san EP04 [WEBDL] [1080p] [Netflix] [JPN_ENG_CHT_SUB] [V0]974 MB04/09/24182
 [MagicStar] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san EP01-EP03 [WEBDL] [1080p] [Netflix] [JPN_ENG_CH ... 2.9 GB04/03/24183
 [MagicStar] Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! EP08 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]923 MB03/19/24182
 [MagicStar] Futekisetsu ni mo Hodo ga Aru! EP07 [WEBDL] [1080p] [JPN_SUB]941 MB03/10/24180
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