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 Trix - Full Version 756.696 MBToday830801
 Trix - WEBRip 563.6 MBToday659263
 Complete Anime TRIX 969.4 MBToday557107
 Trix - Latest Anime 1070.4 MBToday5091096
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E01 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 373 MB04/01/231297
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E06 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 311 MB05/06/231041
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E03 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 366 MB04/16/23944
 [Trix] Shingeki no Kyojin S04E29-31 - (1080p AV1 E-AC3) 852 MB03/04/239419
 [Trix] Shingeki no Kyojin S04E30 (END) - (1080p AV1 E-AC3) [518A96E1] 1.1 GB11/06/23895
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E07 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 287 MB05/13/23881
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E08 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 289 MB05/20/23860
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E16 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [5E96EE86]144 MB04/19/24851
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E05 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 318 MB04/29/23850
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E02 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 287 MB04/08/23850
 [Trix] Shangri-La Frontier S01 - WEB AV110.3 GB04/18/248361
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E01 - (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [C2E49178] 245 MB10/21/23750
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E11 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [61CE52F7] 127 MB03/14/24724
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E15 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [3F5CB7E3]183 MB04/11/24713
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E10 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [2316B183] 120 MB03/07/24706
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E12 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [00E82C78] 126 MB03/21/24692
 [Trix] The First Slam Dunk (2022) (BD 2160p AV1) [5C3A7A18] 4.7 GB03/14/246915
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E09 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [E907BF1B] 129 MB02/29/24694
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01 - (WEB 1080p AV1) [Multi Subs] 5 GB03/26/246817
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E04 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 319 MB04/23/23681
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E14 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [BB6FF479] 122 MB04/04/24662
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E18 (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [B5FF6D08] 158 MB02/10/24642
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E13 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [0DD983AA] 112 MB03/30/24631
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E02 - (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [CBAC515D] 230 MB10/22/23630
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E19 (WEB 1080p AV1 AAC) [Multi Subs] [D9568A5A] 174 MB02/18/24610
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E14 (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [35D77E4C] 193 MB01/13/24601
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E03 - (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [82D1FFA5] 213 MB10/22/23590
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E17 (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [B4423369] 184 MB02/03/24582
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E15 (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [0ECFE5DF] 176 MB01/20/24581
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - AV1 5.6 GB02/03/24578
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E16 (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [181B1450] 168 MB01/27/24570
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E10 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 337 MB06/04/23571
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E05 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [53902DB4] 139 MB02/02/24553
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E06 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [0F7C694C] 129 MB02/10/24541
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E08 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 346 MB05/27/23542
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E11 - (WEB 1080p AV1) [Multi Subs] [3392487B] 144 MB12/16/23511
 [Trix] Spy x Family Season 1 - AV1 7.8 GB06/07/23513
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E07 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [8C9E5299] 146 MB02/16/24500
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E11 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 286 MB06/10/23500
 [Trix] The First Slam Dunk (2022) (BD 1080p v2 AV1) [B2EC57BC] 2.2 GB03/21/24499
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E20 (WEB 1080p AV1 AAC) [Multi Subs] [F5B0D8AD] 175 MB02/25/24491
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E10 - (WEB 1080p AV1) [Multi Subs] [8CD8C515] 166 MB12/09/23492
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E21 (WEB 1080p AV1 AAC) [Multi Subs] [41130AA3] 158 MB03/02/24461
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E12 - (WEB 1080p AV1) [Multi Subs] [C10CE4E4] 173 MB12/24/23461
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E05 - (WEB 1080p AV1) [Multi Subs] [CEF414FE] 226 MB11/04/23460
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - (1080p AV1 WEB) [Multi Subs] 3.9 GB06/25/23463
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E04 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [9E55B1BE] 118 MB01/28/24452
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E13 - (WEB 1080p AV1) [Multi Subs] [388FA04E] 164 MB01/06/24441
 [Trix] Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku - WEB AV12.2 GB06/26/23444
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E08 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [47C1969D] 116 MB02/24/24421
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E09 - (WEB 1080p AV1) [Multi Subs] [EE654E42] 158 MB12/02/23420
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E06 - (WEB 1080p AV1) [Multi Subs] [8C23EFAE] 205 MB11/11/23420
 [Trix] Oshi no Ko - S01E07 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs]238 MB05/24/23421
 [Trix] Shingeki no Kyojin S04 (Part 2) - AV14.1 GB02/04/234213
 [Trix] Made in Abyss S02 - AV1 3.3 GB01/18/23422
 [Trix] The First Slam Dunk (2022) (BD 1080p AV1) [532E239F] 2.2 GB03/10/24410
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E08 - (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [677AD052]228 MB11/26/23411
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E07 - (WEB 1080p AV1) [Multi Subs] [04CF38C5] 208 MB11/18/23411
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E04 - (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [89DBF418] 202 MB10/29/23411
 [Trix] Heavenly Delusion - S01E12 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 262 MB06/17/23410
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E22 (WEB 1080p AV1 AAC) [Multi Subs] [EA6B239C] 184 MB03/09/24390
 [Trix] Redline [Dual Audio](AV1 1080p Opus)3.4 GB06/12/22392
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E23 (WEB 1080p AV1 E-AC3) [Multi Subs] [5FE83361] 181 MB03/16/24381
 [Trix] Kimetsu no Yaiba S04 - AV1 MiNi 2.5 GB01/28/24381
 [Trix] Oshi no Ko - S01E04 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 222 MB05/03/23381
 [Trix] Kusuriya no Hitorigoto S01E24 (WEB 1080p AV1 AAC) [Multi Subs] [62CCC91B]163 MB03/23/24370
 [Trix] Oshi no Ko - S01E05 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 225 MB05/11/23371
 [Trix] Tokyo Revengers - S02E02 - (720p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 141 MB01/15/23372
 [Trix] Belle - 4K AV1 4.3 GB06/10/22363
 [Trix] Dungeon Meshi S01E02 (WEB 720p AV1 Opus) [Multi Subs] [C4BF3068] 164 MB01/12/24350
 [Trix] SPYxFAMILY Season 2 - (1080p AV1 WEB)3.3 GB12/25/23353
 [Trix] Oshi no Ko - S01E02 - (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs] 179 MB04/20/23352
 [Trix] Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi o Suru - WEB AV11.9 GB06/25/23342
 [Trix] Tokyo Revengers - Tenjiku Hen - 02 - (WEB 720p AV1 AAC) [Multi Subs] [64607A4E] 109 MB10/10/23333
 [Trix] Oshi no Ko S01 - AV1 3.9 GB03/04/24313
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