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 Joy - Full Version 626.6 MBToday6091500
 Joy - WEBRip 794.1 MBToday6791297
 Complete Other JOY 361.7 MBToday9001447
 Joy - Latest Other 1514.3 MBToday5021294
 The Boys Season 1 (1080p x265 q22 FS93 Joy)7 GB07/29/198754
 Schindlers List 1993 (1080p x265 10bit Joy) 1.7 GB09/17/20776
 Peaky Blinders Season 5 [1080p x265 10bit S96 Joy] 3.4 GB06/01/206935
 Ghostbusters 1984 (1080p x265 Joy) 1.2 GB10/29/19606
 The Expanse Season 2 [1080p Bluray x265 q22 S96 Joy] 8.9 GB12/13/205813
 Fight Club (1999) [2160p x265 10bit Joy] 7.8 GB08/18/205822
 500 Days of Summer (2009) [1080p x265 10bit FS69 Joy] 1.4 GB09/23/205521
 Pulp Fiction (1994) [2160p x265 10bit Joy] 8.2 GB10/24/205011
 The Expanse Season 1 [1080p BluRay x265 10bit Joy] 4.2 GB12/13/20499
 Modern Family Season 1 (1080p BD x265 10bit Joy) 5 GB10/03/1849128
 Shaun of the Dead 2004 (1080p x265 q22 FS78 Joy) 1.3 GB10/06/19484
 Archer Season 11 [1080p AI x265 10bit Joy] 1.8 GB11/01/204713
 The Big Bang Theory Season 12 (1080p Web x265 10bit Joy) 4.7 GB05/20/194644
 The Walking Dead Season 1 (1080p x265 Joy) 3.5 GB06/28/204523
 Archer Season 7 (1080p x265 q22 Joy) 2.6 GB03/16/19444
 The Walking Dead Season 3 (1080p x265 Joy) 8.1 GB06/28/204136
 The Walking Dead Season 5 (1080p x265 Joy) 8.3 GB06/28/204118
 Mad Max Fury Road 2015 (2160p x265 10bit Joy) 6.8 GB11/17/20407
 The Mandalorian Season 1 [1080p x265 10bit S88 Joy] 3 GB11/15/20405
 Chuck Season 2 (1080p x265 Joy) 7.2 GB06/09/20408
 Aliens (1986) Special Edition [1080p x265 q18 FS100 Joy] 6.6 GB01/06/21394
 Cowboy Bebop The Movie (2001) [1080p x265 q22 Joy] 3.9 GB08/20/20397
 Deadwood Season 1 (1080p x265 10bit FS86 Joy) 6.5 GB06/09/193916
 Kill Bill Vol 2 (2004) [2160p x265 10bit Joy] 6.6 GB11/09/20388
 Tucker and Dale vs Evil 2010 (1080p x265 q22 S95 Joy) 1.8 GB12/13/18386
 Chuck Season 1 (1080p x265 Joy) 4.3 GB06/08/203712
 Avatar (2009) Extended [2160p x265 10bit FS80 Joy] 19.3 GB04/12/20377
 Modern Family Season 4 (1080p BD x265 10bit Joy) 5 GB10/13/183775
 Django Unchained (2012) [2160p x265 10bit FS97 Joy] 8.1 GB01/30/21366
 Aliens (1986) Special Edition [2160p x265 10bit Joy] 8.2 GB01/06/213613
 Modern Family Season 5 (1080p Web x265 10bit Joy) 5 GB10/16/183682
 Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003) [2160p x265 10bit Joy] 5.2 GB10/28/203510
 True Detective Season 1 (1080p BD x265 10bit FS84 Joy) 5.2 GB01/12/193517
 Chuck Season 3 (1080p x265 Joy) 6.3 GB06/02/203415
 Modern Family Season 7 (1080p Web x265 10bit Joy) 4.6 GB10/24/183428
 Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev - Inner Engineering A Yogi's Guide to Joy (Unabridged) - 2018 253 MB07/30/18340
 Chuck Season 4 (1080p x265 Joy) 7.9 GB06/02/203313
 Community Season 1 [1080p x265 10bit FS89 Joy] 5.6 GB05/27/20338
 Modern Family Season 3 (1080p BD x265 10bit Joy) 5.1 GB01/27/193254
 Spark Joy_ An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie ... 35 MB08/05/22310
 The Terminator (1984) [2160p x265 10bit Joy] 5.4 GB12/30/20317
 Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) [2160p x265 10bit FS93 Joy] 5.4 GB12/02/20312
 Chuck Season 5 (1080p x265 Joy) 4.3 GB06/12/20316
 Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 5 [1080p DVD x265 10bit FS98 Joy] 12.2 GB09/28/20301
 Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 3 [1080p DVD x265 10bit FS94 Joy] 12 GB09/28/20307
 Planet Earth 2006 (1080p x265 10bit Joy) 6.9 GB08/27/20306
 Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 1 [1080p DVD x265 10bit FS97 Joy] 9.5 GB11/07/20295
 The Walking Dead Season 2 (1080p x265 Joy) 6.8 GB06/28/202935
 Ghost in the Shell 1995 (1080p x265 q22 FS94 Joy) 1.4 GB12/01/18295
 Game Center CX 296 - Joy Mech Fight [GooseCanyon] 2.4 GB02/02/22280
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